EAA Overview of How to Register and Certify Your Homebuilt

The information below is summarized from the EAA Builder Resources pages. Many of the links open the FAA Document Information page or the referenced Form.

Step 1: Maintain a Builders Log

Step 2: Purchase an Amateur Built Certification Kit from  the EAA. Order from the EAA store using the link above or call the EAA at 800-843-3612. Price is $12.99 for EAA members.

Step 3: Reserve an N-Number with the FAA

Step 4: Register your Aircraft (allow 90 days to complete)

  1. Step 5: Submit application for Special Airworthiness Certificate (allow 30 days to set up the inspection)
    • FAA Form 8130-6 Application for US Airworthiness Certificate (PDF)
    • Photographs or three-view drawings to identify the aircraft
    • Weight & Balance
    • Condition Inspection Form
    • FAA Form 8130-12 Eligibility Statement Amateur-Built Aircraft (PDF)

Step 6: Apply for your Repairman Certificate (apply at time of original certification)

Visit the EAA’s How to Register and Certify Your Homebuilt pages for additional information.